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For anyone just passing through, I will give a brief description of this web site. It is a personal web page about me. No free software. No free MP3's. No free stuff. No free porn. No expensive porn. No nothing except stuff about me. So if you don't know me then you are probably wasting your time here. Move on and pretend you never even read this.

But if you DO know me...

...Then come on in. Poke around, read some jokes, look at some pictures. There's plenty of STUFF to keep you busy for a while

Finally, don't forget to read up my Web Journal so you can keep track of my whereabouts and what mischief I've been up to although I haven't been updating very often only because I usually update my Facebook status in real time. But I will try and make more entries in the journal when I can build up the ambition. That's it. Enjoy. BTW, comments on the new look are welcome. Post them on the tag board in the journal. See ya!

So after a few people telling me that this new book of mine is a tad on the expensive side, and that I should convert it to an EBOOK, I finally decided to GET 'R DONE.

My Ebook at LuLu.com

My Ebook at Blurb.ca

It only took me 21 years to finally finish this book but here it is. It's all done! It's my first book and remember, I have no formal training or education in writing. I always wrote interesting and funny short stories in high school but never anything of this magnitude. If I receive enough positive feedback (or enough angry threats) I will write a sequel. Check it out!

My book at LuLu.com

My book at Blurb.ca

Okay I went and did it again. I didn't exactly like the picture viewer I was using so I decided to find another one and give it a try for a while. It was a hell of a lot of work since I had to completely rewrite every single picture page (39 albums) and upload all the new pictures with matching thumbnails. It took forever but I finally got it done and there it is. Check it out and let me know what you think. And I've added a video for the first time.

New Blog!! Bravenet deleted my entire account so to hell with them. There will be no more Bravenet SHIT on my website. So go on. Click on the picture of that good looking guy.

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